A  Lifetime  of  Experience .....

Ric Cerrini at Village Corner.jpg

Ric Cerrini , wine connoisseur from Ann Arbor, teamed up with John Dressler, corporate CFO from Traverse City, to create Northern Michigan's finest wine store, BON VIN. While both direct the retail operation, Ric is the store face and expert wine buyer. The combination of Johns' business acumen and Rics' knowledge of wine make Bon Vin uniquely qualified to offer you the finest wine purchasing experience.

Ric worked at Ann Arbor's Village Corner from 1973 to 2011 when he and John opened their own store in Traverse City. Ric has spent a lifetime understanding the great wines from all over the world, the terroir, the vineyards and the winemakers, employing his discerning ability to "sift"

through the multitude of inferior products to bring only the truest and best examples into the store for his customers.