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“A wild and wonderful world of rose’”

Remember Mateus,Lancers and Almaden “Mountain Nectar” Roses; those treacly drinks of 30-40 years ago? These are NOT today’s Roses!

While I could hardly give away Roses twenty years ago, based on peoples’ memories of these sweet confections of yore, but

folks travelling through Europe were introduced to the dry, diverse and exotic Roses_ particularly those noted bottlings of

Provence _and they wanted to re-experience those pleasures here. Over the years interest gradually increased and selections

incrementally expanded. Through about the next ten years Roses acceptance slowly grew until two years ago when their

popularity exploded. Suddenly everyone was drinking Rose’. With this newly massive market an even greater assortment of

wines became available. Now I’m receiving pre-arrival offerings from my suppliers for hundreds of Roses from areas and

wineries that had never made a pink wine in what is often generations of family winemaking.

Providing a panoply of possibilities, we now have options from many countries with regional distinctions and an expansive list

of grape varieties and blends. The wines span the gamut of styles from delicate and floral to racy and spicy and heartier

versions with more body; some sturdy enough to develop more dimension after a year or more in the bottle.

The popularity and variety of today’s Roses can expand our appreciation of the possibilities of a good Rose’, which for me

means service throughout the year and a broader range of food options. While I find nothing more thirst quenching than a cold

Rose’ on a sultry summer day, I also cannot think of anything better with a spicy shrimp stir-fry in February.

Regardless of your tastes and needs, there is now a world of prospects to explore… it’s definitely time to get your Rose’ game




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