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“And now for something entirely different”.....

My last posting listed several of the seminal wine books from my early years in the wine trade; useful, but perhaps a bit onerous. More recently, however I was introduced to a manga graphic novel series which transmutes the more formal presentation of wine fascination. A wild success in Japan for years, the books have been translated into English as “The Drops Of God”.

Part mystery, part comic adventure, it’s the story of a son’s pursuit to inherit his famous estranged father’s renowned wine cellar through an elaborate game the father has devised to identify and describe thirteen of the world’s top wines while contesting against a cocky young wine virtuoso his father has mentored.

Presented with a wondrously illustrated text, we are introduced along the way to some of the most famed wine estates, legendary bottlings and their rapturous descriptions.

This is hands-down the most researched and accurate wine-centric novel I have ever encountered … and it’s just plain Fun!



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