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This white or "Amber" wine is made from 100% Rkatsiteli grapes. For those of you who are not accustomed to white wines that are made with skin contact, the Orgo Rkatsiteli 2017 is your best chance to start enjoying this style of wines. While rich in flavors, this is still a very friendly wine with light tannins. The wine is fermented and then aged in Qvevri, (Amphora), for approximately 6 months, using skin contact for the entire period of the Qvevri aging. The darker color is determined by the longer skin contact, by the age of the vine trees, and by the terroir.

This wine, from Giorgi Dakishvili and his son, Temur, is labelled with admirable simplicity: ‘Dry Amber Wine from Old Vineyards’. Only vines of 50 or more years are used, with the fruit being carefully selected and some stems being used, depending on the vintage. Fermentation is in relatively new 2,000 litre qvevris. It’s light amber in colour with scents of grain, mushrooms growing on damp logs, plum jam, rain on dry earth, and flowers. On the palate the wine is concentrated, commanding and seizing, with ample fine-grained grip, soft acidity and plump ripeness. As on the nose, it’s spotlessly clean, with flavours of grape, apricot, mushroom and umami. Perfumed, elegant and long.  (Orange Wine)

2017 Orgo "Rkatsiteli" _ Kakheti, Georgia